How DripIV increased organic traffic and paid traffic and increased leads from social media with BoldMD


  • Intense competition in the California market.
  • Challenge with Google Ads:
  • Cost per conversion needed optimization.
  • Difficulty in measuring ad effectiveness compared to ad spend.


  • Conducted an audit of their Google ads.
  • Implemented a metric system to measure ROI.
  • Set up conversion tracking to identify ad-generated conversions.
  • Developed an ROI metrics plan:
  • Aimed to reduce the cost per conversion.
  • Increased overall conversion rates across Google ads, Facebook ads, social media, and SEO.


Increase in users
1 %
Increase in conversions from social media
1 %
Increase in clicks from paid search
1 %
Increase in conversions over 3 months
1 %
  • Achieved a well-managed metric system delivering ROI across all platforms.
  • Improved paid keyword rankings.
  • Enhanced organic keyword rankings.
  • Positioned the client’s business more competitively against their rivals.